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At over 10,000 square meters, each VinMart supermarket easily meets the daily consumer needs of a large community, with more than 40,000 SKUs in all categories, including foods, cosmetics, housewares, electronics, garments and toys. On the other hand, VinMart+ minimarkets and convenience stores are more intimately sized at less than 1,000m2 and provide a choice of the most essential items, in the best neighborhood locations. With the slogan "Closer‑Faster", VinMart+ makes its mission to conveniently satisfy all customer needs anytime, anywhere.  

Quality assurance is the most important benefit of shopping at VinMart and VinMart+. All products are supplied by trusted domestic and international partners with the origins clearly marked. A rigorous quality control and inspection staff approves suppliers and ensures continuing adherence to strict standards.

VinMart provides customers a convenient, comfortable and efficient shopping experience. Products are logically arranged into their natural categories with clear prominent signage quickly directing customers to their destinations. VinMart also offers customers many complimentary services, including free delivery within a 5- kilometer radius, fish cleaning, meat cutting, fresh fruit and vegetable preparation, and a gift wrapping service. Besides cash and VinMart gift vouchers, all bankcards are accepted for payment. Customers may apply for a free membership card to garner additional benefits, or buy gift vouchers to share the VinMart shopping experience with others.